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The Stay Young program’s purpose is to provide a platform for our youth to explore their creative potential.


When we are young, our imagination unfolds.

Creativity is a natural born trait, bound to expand exponentially as we grow. The simple act of drawing instills in a child the realization that he or she can breathe life into an idea. This is a powerful act that can carry through a lifetime and can help develop self esteem, confidence and the ability to create.


The Problem

After the recession of 2008, 80% of schools had their budget cut with Arts programs being hit the hardest.

1/3 of the arts teachers were let go between 2008 and 2012.

Lower income and minority students have been most likely to lose their art programs

The Solution

Art Education prepares students for a globally competitive workforce by developing the ability to innovate, communicate, and collaborate. With art education, students are more likely to receive higher test scores, be engaged in the classroom, and graduate with higher GPA's.

Access To The Arts = 

Higher graduation rates

Greater success in workforce

Ability to be dynamic, innovative thinkers

Since 2013, Stay Young has touched the lives of thousands of local students and has inspired them to continuously think outside the box.



Students of all ages are given the opportunity to unlock their imagination and creative talents through hands-on workshops and student art exhibits.


Students learn how to collaborate, build relationships and work as a team. Together, our high school students created Stay Connected, a volunteer group working to impact the community in their own way.


Students are instilled with a sense of pride for their city and local community. At least one third-grade classroom from every elementary school has experienced our organization’s student field trips, which emphasize local creativity, history, and government.


Local creativity begins with you.

Every contribution - big or small - ensures the sustainability of our organization. If you would like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation.


Our organization at a glance.

Stay is an arts based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers a creative space for the community. We provide arts enrichment programs for our youth, host a variety of events and workshops, and showcase up-and-coming artists through gallery exhibits.


Our programs


Our Stay Young program stands are the heart of our organization. We aim to inspire creativity within our youth and provide a home for arts enrichment and student involvement. Through our partnership with Downey Unified School District, students are encouraged to participate in art exhibits, classroom field trips, and student-run program initiatives.


The Stay Gallery program supports and celebrates up-and-coming artists through pop-ups and month-long exhibitions.