Stay Connected Hosts Pie Eating Contest

If you haven't heard of Stay Connected, they are a volunteer based group of students from Warren High School that simply want to do good things for their community. Under minimal guidance, we allow them to use Stay Gallery in any way they choose, so long as it's in a productive and meaningful way.

Yesterday, they hosted a Pie Eating Contest in order to raise funds for local families in need this holiday season. They invited Downey High School students as the challengers, and created teams. In a 1-on-1 battle against each other, they reached their goal of $500, and the students involved had an amazing time doing it.

Midway through the contest, Councilman Mario Guerra noticed the large crowd forming outside of Stay Gallery from his office window. Out of curiosity, he came down to watch and got word that Stay Connected was $200 away from their goal. In a kind, and funny gesture, he offered to donate the remainder if one of the Stay Gallery directors were to get a pie to the face.

Naturally, we volunteered Valentin to do it, and he did not hesitate. Photos below.

We want to thank Stay Connected for continuing to host amazing events, and Mario Guerra for his generous donation to their group.

Stay Gallery