Featured Partner: Miguel Duarte

Today, we introduce to you our newest Community Partner Miguel Duarte. He is a local attorney, who recently moved his business to Downey Avenue, a few blocks from us. Miguel grew up in Downey, and has had an affinity towards giving back to his community since we met him.

When we first met Miguel, it was during an event that we hosted dubbed the Downey High Alumnight. It was a fundraiser to help the Downey Vikings football team purchase their CIF rings that they deserved after their win. Miguel is a proud alumni of Downey high, and gave a generous donation to the cause.

Ever since that day, he has shown a tremendous amount of support for our cause and everything that we do. We've spent hours talking with him about what we envision happening on Downey Avenue - public spaces, theaters, venues, more retail and restaurants, and he shares the same - if not more - excitement for our small downtown's future. When he heard we were hosting Ricky Ostendi's first solo exhibit, he jumped on the chance to sponsor it, and become our Community Partner. He truly believes the arts are a vital part of a growing downtown. Thank you, Miguel!

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