The 'Stay Young' Initiative


The ‘Stay Young’ Initiative provides creative interaction by hosting student exhibitions, field trips, festivals, internship/volunteer opportunities, workshops and the development of arts education programs. These programs engage youth in creative activities, local cultural identity, and historical learning. The objective of the ‘Stay Young’ Initiative is to create a culture of excellence in the arts by providing the resources necessary to involve students in programs and activities inside and outside of schools. ‘Stay Young’ aspires to awaken and sustain the interest of the arts in our youth through the creation, exhibition, and education of student art. DAV firmly believes that art education is crucial to develop students’ ability to innovate, communicate, and collaborate.

DAV is developing programs to compliment DUSD’s emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). DAV is working closely with administrators, teachers, and parents to integrate art, design, and creativity into youth programs. By the beginning of next school year, along side with traditional art workshops (photography/painting/drawing), DAV will introduce arts-based afterschool programs geared towards developing students in areas of teamwork, leadership, and presenting skills while emphasizing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Warren High School Robotics "Swept Away" Demonstration
May 24th 10-1PM

On May 24th, Warren High School’s Robotic will be taking over Stay Gallery to hold a demonstration of what their program is all about.  "Our robotics program has evolved into an innovative approach to get DUSD students excited about the field of engineering and robotics. We are able to take interested students who have never touched a robot and transform them into regional, state and national champions." Glenn Yamasaki (Teacher at Warren High School)

Downey Doodle-icous Field Trips
May 28th, May 29th, June 5th

DAV will continue the ‘Stay Young’ Initiative with three different 3rd grade elementary school field trips. We will host Ward Elementary: May 28th, Maude Price: May 29th and Gallatin Elementary: June 5th. Named after the art piece that inspired the pilot program, ‘Downey Doodle-icious’ presents students, teachers, and volunteers with an opportunity to explore our local culture and history. “The Downey Doodle-icious field trip has been beneficial to our Downey students because it teaches them the value of our community and its landmarks, it brings arts education back into our classrooms, and it integrates technology into one of the final products of the field trip.” Rani Bertsch (Principal of Gallatin Elementary School)

During field trips, students will be driven to Downey City Hall where a City Councilmember and City of Downey staff member will give students an explanation of the role that City Hall has within our city and touch on the history of Downey. During their time in City Hall, students will learn three key terms: Community, Economy, and Government. Students will then tour Downtown Downey and discover Downey’s important landmarks along the way (John Galely Downey’s statue, Rives Mansion, The Avenue Theatre, etc.). These experiences will create a ‘sense of place’ in student’s imaginations by increasing their familiarity with the key features of Downey. Upon arriving at Stay Gallery, students will be shown photographs from Downey’s past that depict the locations they just visited. The point is for students to learn the concept of ‘change over time’ which is emphasized in the 3rd Grade Social Studies Curriculum.

Students will be greeted by gallery staff and the artist of the ‘Downey Doodle-icious’ painting, Don Lamkin. Mr. Lamkin’s painting uses familiar Downey icons and logos that symbolically stitch together the different generations of the City of Downey. Stay Gallery staff will explain the cultural significance of the painting.

PICTURE BREAK (CAPTION:‘Downey Doodle-icious’ Field Trips seek to instill local pride in Downey’s youth. As part of the 3rd Grade Social Studies Curriculum, students begin to learn about their local history and the concept of ‘change over time.’ Don Lamkin’s ‘Downey Doodle-icious’ was the painting that inspired this 3rd Grade Program because it meets this criteria.)

During this exercise, the painting will be divided into sections and given to each student. Students will then create a large-scale reproduction of the section of the painting they were given on canvas. Once completed, all of the canvases are put together, giving the students a sense of teamwork and community. Upon completion of mural, Stay Gallery staff will then frame it and gift mural to participating elementary school. (First student produced Downey Doodle-icious mural can be viewed at Gallatin Elementary’s main office.)

The remaining elementary schools will be scheduled to participate in the ‘Downey Doodle-icious’ Program during the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. DAV’s goal is to host one class from each elementary school in DUSD during 2014. Though our primary focus is the 3rd grade, we hope to expand these field trips to other grades as our capacity grows and funding opportunities become accessible. These first 12 field trips would not have been possible without the generous contribution from Downey Kiwanis Foundation.

1st Annual Stay Young Festival of the Arts
Opening Night: May 29th, 6-9PM @ Stay Gallery
Festival: May 31st, 11-4PM @ Stay Gallery

On May 29th, we will be hosting the 1st Annual ‘Stay Young’ Festival of the Arts. The best artists from Downey and Warren, along with one special guest artist from Downey Adult School will be exhibiting their work at Stay Gallery. The Opening on Thursday is geared towards students, family, teachers, and DUSD administrators.

On Saturday June 31st, Downey and Warren’s ASB’s will be taking over the gallery and planning different activities to celebrate the arts through a program that includes: live music, live art, interactive games, and food to go along with the beautiful artwork that will be on display. The event on Saturday is geared at high school students wanting to get a sense of what a local student art festival is all about.

Old River Elementary School ‘Display at Stay’ Exhibit
Opening: June 4th, 5-7PM @ Stay Gallery

On June 4th, different 4th & 5th grade classes from Old River Elementary School will be displaying their art in a new program we are calling ‘Display@Stay’. This program is geared towards DUSD classes wanting host student exhibitions at Stay Gallery. Students will be showcasing their artwork in an event meant to bring family, friends, and school faculty together.

Third Annual Downey & Warren Photography Contest
Opening: June 6th, 7-9PM @ Stay Gallery

We will conclude the 2014 ‘Stay Young’ Initiative on June 6th with with the opening of the 3rd Annual Downey & Warren Photography Contest. This event brings both schools’ advanced photography departments together for a beautifully curated exhibition. This exhibit will be up until June 15th.