The Holy Child

After the initial renovations that we had done at the gallery, we hosted Cristian Castro's BONES OF STEEL exhibit. By far, one of the, if not the best exhibit that has ever passed through the doors of our gallery. The floors were filled with rusted oil barrels, topped with beautifully handcrafted robot sculptures, some with the capability to move, made from found household appliances of the 50's and 60's. In the center was a 12 foot wide crab, named EGG-771, with perfectly formed fiberglass "legs" and brakes from a bus as the joints, aluminum water cables, office wheel chairs, and more little charms to add to the monstrosity that lay in the gallery, shining in the brightest shade of red that you'd typically see on a Ford Mustang.

It was during this exhibit that a group of locals walking through the downtown stumbled in. They asked if we were ok with them doing a musical performance, with minimal amounts of equipment. "Sure, why not!".


It was this day, that not only was a friendship formed between us and The Holy Child, but a string of captivating performances were to take place in the next few months. Their sound was something that caught us off guard, something we'd never expect to come from a group of locals in Downey. To add to their charm, the keyboardist Johanna and vocalist Robert are deeply in love - so much that they are married! It adds so much value to their performance, because you can literally feel it radiating from them when they look into each other's eyes.

PICTURE BREAK CAPTION :The Holy Child during our Christmas Toy Drive

We had the pleasure of having them perform at the gallery several times, and we'd break our back to have them back. They humbly asked if we'd allow them to have their going away show here, and we wouldn't have said no in a million years. Since their departure, The Holy Child has moved away to Austin, Texas, where they are pursuing their musical career and achieving quite a lot of success. As friends, and as supporters of their band, we are extremely proud of them.


I was listening to the recorded and mastered versions of their songs the other night, and I still got chills down my spine, just like the day I first heard Robert reach those vocal highs. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors, and we can only pray to have them back again soon!