Good Karma

The day of the opening, Victor came by to sign the 24 prints that we were going to be handing out to the first people who showed up to the opening. Delio Flores, a good friend of the gallery who we constantly work with on several projects, was inspired by Victor's artwork and offered to do a run of the prints, at no cost.

That same week, we got a call to the gallery by a guy named Oscar. Oscar told me he lived in Downey, and owned a clothing company called Tri-Antler. We receive calls like this often, and until I took a look at his website my jaw dropped, he has a beautiful collection of garments, and it was coming out of Downey! I immediately setup a meeting with Oscar and we talked about future collaboration projects we can do. Our first, being that he donate 50 of his beautiful canvas/leather tote bags and we stamp our logo on them along with his. We used these bags to give out the posters with.

Take a look at Tri-Antler yourself.

The night of the GOODKARMA exhibit was amazing. We had a really good turnout and a lot of new faces. The whole Us Versus Them team and REBEL8 team were in attendance, along with people whom I had met in the past in the streetwear industry. We also sold several of Victor's pieces and prints. Good job, Victor!