Studio Visit: Josh Galindo

We recently met up with local artist Josh Galindo to tour his studio and get to know him a little deeper to find out how he creates and expresses himself through art. Located in Compton, California in the back of an upholstery warehouse is where our journey begins. Enjoy!

Josh will be the first to tell you that he has only been creating art for a few years now but you can see through his work he feels the passion and is able to tap into a very personal and creative place to express himself.

Josh let us in on a few secrets on how this painting was originally created. He uses a variety of mediums, ranging from paint, gesso, markers, and even sugar, which can be found after closer inspection of this artwork!

Originally Josh was looking to have his studio located indoors and isolated in a dark corner of his fathers warehouse. It wasn't until he stumbled upon the back of the warehouse where he discovered a secluded outdoor oasis that would become his studio and safe heaven away from the noise and distraction of the city.

Josh sits down in his thinking/inspiration chair and opens up to us about his thought process when it comes to creating art that satisfies his soul and palette.

Josh talked to us about how he got his start creating artwork and how many of his friends were opposed to his creations and trying to belittle his new found passion. Fortunately for us he decided to ignore the negativity and continued to chase his passion of self expression!

We would like to thank Josh Galindo for allowing us into his work space and opening up to us about his art & process. We look forward to your solo exhibit and future artwork.


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