4 Year Anniversary Photos

On Friday, October 28th, Stay Gallery celebrated its 4 Year Anniversary with the general public. We opened our doors and invited people to express themselves with tempera paint on a collaborative mural that was directed by our illustrator Matthew 'Nacho' Ward. The original black and white mural took about 125 hours to complete, and the work was split by fellow painters Nacho, Sophia Carrillo, Sergio Robleto, Ana Godinez, and a few other curious painters that happened to stumble into the gallery during painting hours. 

Needless to say, the mural really came to life that Friday night when our guests added color to the piece. The walls will remain as is for the remainder of the month. For those interested in seeing the final product, the gallery will be open during normal hours, Monday - Friday from 12-5p.

Stay Gallery would like to thank our sponsors, interns, volunteers, and YOU, for helping us get to 4 years! We would nt have been able to make it this far without the support of our community. Stay tuned for future events and programing that we will be announcing soon!

Stay Gallery