The Local Group Show – June 2019

The Local Group Show is an exhibition featuring the works of multiple artists from varying age groups, backgrounds, experiences and artistic mediums. Although this exhibit has no overarching theme, the stories, processes and perspectives of each artist highlight the creative diversity that can be found throughout Los Angeles County.

The Local Group Show, opening reception.  Friday, June 7, 2019 .

The Local Group Show, opening reception. Friday, June 7, 2019.

We believe all artists deserve a platform to be seen and heard. Every artist’s unique voice and form of expression contributes to the cultural and creative prosperity of our communities, and our society as a whole. Artists are the heart and soul of every community. They breath life into ideas and emotions, and help bring people together through their creativity.

Art promotes cultural diversity, economic development and civic engagement. It provides entertainment, joy and introspection, while educating, informing and bringing light to global issues. The arts also create a sense of pride and togetherness amongst community members.

As an arts-focused non-profit organization, we dedicate our Stay Gallery program to supporting local artists through month-long and pop-up exhibitions. We represent artists who strongly believe that creativity can impact the forward progression of our communitites. Our goal with The Local Group show is to bring a diverse group of artists together into one space, to share their creativity with each other, their friends and family, and their community members.

From sculpturists to painters, experienced exhibitionists to first-timers, high school students to artists decades into their craft, the Local Group Show encompasses creatives at every stage in their artistic journey. We aim to continue The Local Group Show on a bi-annual basis, and encourage artists of all backgrounds and artistic experiences to submit their work. If you are interested in submitting your work for 2020, please review our submission process.

June 2019 Exhibition

If you haven’t had a chance to see this exhibit in person, this is the last week! Please stop by and make a visit. Our gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 5p. We will also be having a closing reception this Friday, June 28, 8 – 10p. Come support your local artists! Beer and wine will be available for purchase.

Participating Artists – June 2019 Exhibiton

  • Adonica Pedraza

  • Arturo Delgado Murillo

  • Bair Brains

  • Bettie Lou

  • Blak Kanvas

  • Bryn Riihimaki

  • Cabrón James

  • Carlos Durazo

  • Edith Jimenez

  • George Papantonopoulos

  • Gissela Moran

  • Jahzelle Ford

  • Janna Arutyunyan

  • Joe Villalobos

  • Jose Rivera

  • Karina Vazquez

  • Kat Cruz

  • Made Rindu

  • Maria Phipps

  • Maricela Aviña

  • Marie Bourgeault

  • Megan Lynn Healy

  • Nadidah

  • Omar Martinez

  • Paul Jimenez

  • Robert Nehemiah

  • Sean Kirkland

  • Sismanov Barron

  • Stephen Mena

  • Tetris

  • Zachariah Van Ruiten

  • Zxmbiac


Stay is the only creative space within a 10-mile radius that supports and nurtures creativity for our youth, our artists and people from all walks of life. By supporting our efforts, attending our exhibits and participating in our workshops, you directly impact the vitality of creativity in an underserved region.

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