A creative space for our community

Get to know our organization, our mission, and the programs that fuel our vision.


 Upcoming Events

Our space is home to a wide variety of events and workshops that highlight creativity within our community.


Stay’s programs at a glance

Our three programs - Stay Young, Stay Gallery and Stay Public - all work together to serve as the foundation of our organization. They provide a home for creative enrichment for our youth, artists and people from all walks of life.


Our Stay Young program inspires creativity in our youth through student art exhibits, classroom field trips, and student-run program initiatives.


Our Stay Gallery program celebrates up-and-coming artists through pop-ups and month-long exhibitions in our gallery space.


The Stay Public program provides a platform for creatives to produce meaningful events and workshops for their community.


 Submit your work

We are always looking for new artists and creatives to collaborate with for our Stay Gallery and Stay Public programs. If you would like to submit your artwork or creative concept / idea for consideration, please visit our submit page.


Space Use / Rentals

Interested in hosting a private event or workshop? We offer our creative space to the community for rental use.


Local creativity begins with you.

Every contribution - big or small - ensures the sustainability of our organization. If you would like to support our efforts, please consider becoming a member.