Artist Agreement

Display & Sale of artwork

  1. Artist agrees that the artwork(s) being displayed and/or sold is their own original work.

  2. All artwork sales are based on a 70/30 split: 70% to the artist, 30% to the gallery.

  3. Sales split includes all artist merchandise during the length of the exhibit.

  4. Stay will send 70% of the sale proceeds no more than two weeks after the exhibit closing.

Marketing requirements

  1. Artist agrees to have their name and biographical information used for marketing purposes.

  2. Artist agrees to have their photograph(s) taken and image(s) used for marketing purposes.

Artwork requirements

  1. Matted / framed artwork

    • Artwork on paper or digital print must be matted or framed

    • If under 5lbs – will be mounted to wall using 3M Command Strips

    • If over 5 lbs – must be wired

  2. Canvas

    • If under 5lbs – canvas will be mounted to wall using 3M Command Strips

    • If over 5lbs – canvas must be wired

  3. Sculptures / 3-Dimensional Works

    • Must fit through the gallery door – 84” x 31.5”

    • Artist must provide pedestal if necessary

    • Floor installations must be on a movable platform

  4. Hanging

    • Wiring services and 3M Command Strips are available at the gallery for $5 (at drop-off)

De-installation & Pickup

  1. Artist agrees to de-install their work the night of the closing reception.

  2. If artist cannot de-install their work the night of the closing reception, Stay will store their work for up to one week.

  3. Stay will not be liable for any damage(s) to the work(s) 3 days after the closing reception.

  4. Work(s) will be subject to donation after one week of storage.


In the event that work(s) are damaged or stolen, Stay will cover any loss through their insurance policy. The policy will be provided to the artist in the event of the incident that results in damaged or stolen artwork(s).

State Farm Policy #92-GQ-X8907